Canterbury Horse track

When we talk about race horse tack in the states, I would imagine the famous Kentucky Derby where the winning horse receive a garland made out of thousand roses, spectator came in with their outrageous hats and people drinking champagne to celebrate the event.  

Well, maybe that is how they party in Kentucky Derby, Canterbury Park is more low key. The park hold race generally from Thursday through Sunday.  Thursday normally called dollar night. Admission for dollar night is free, betting are a dollar, while most food are relatively cheap. 

A little background about the horse track, the park was founded in 1985 by Walter Brook Fields Jr. The park has seen many changes of owner ever since it was open almost 30 years ago.  The park was recently close down following government shut don but then reopen again after a month.

During my visit last fall, I seen few good races won 3 dollars (grin) and lose them again after a while. But it was all for fun. There were a good number of turnout maybe because of the cheap betting rate for the night.  But weather was fine and the race was equally exciting.  Before the race stated, anyone can have a quick tour at the training ground to check out which horse likely to win before they put a bet on it.  There were also some booklet with statistic of previous winnings.  

Most people came here for the race, but there are club where poker game was held for the avid gambler.  People came for night outing to see the horse in action and just enjoy time out with families and friends.

Here's some photos at the park. Enjoy! 

The field

The stadium

The race

The crowds

The winnings

The parade

Nice horsey

More horses

Put down your bets here

Exciting race

Mini donuts

Already dark, but the race must go on..


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