I am Tagged!

I told Jac who tagged me, I need time to complete this game, you see, 25 things about me is too much information. I really hope I didn't bore anyone with this, if I did, then blame Jac..just kidding Jac. I enjoy my time enormously writing and re-writing this post!

Before I proceed, I need to explain how the tag works:
Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged (I only choose 1, rules are meant to be broken!).  If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
To start with, let's check out this cat. Not surprising the number one about myself is:

  1. I am a cat person.
  2. Dogs just love me. I have dog friends anywhere I go.
  3. I love the color of red
  4. Reading is my passion. Books are my friends.
  5. I like baking. I really have Sweet tooth.
  6. I value honesty.  That's the best kind of policy yet.
  7. I like going on vacation by beaches.
  8. Did I mention that I like Cats? :-), I did but I like specially the black and white tabby.
  9. I hate slob. Pengotor main jauh-jauh.
  10. Coffee person. No coffee, I'll be crappy.
  11. Just like other Asian I have black hair and eyes.  Pretty much a typical Asian feature but nobody ever can tell where I am from or what my ethnicity is at first glance.
  12. I like Durian.:-) Pengsanlah husband sy ni...haha
  13. I like fish..eating them of course.
  14. I like lilies, all kind of lilies
  15. Families comes first, then money..:-)
  16. I like cats, again? Well, I love dogs too. Oh I said that already too. Well, I hate mice. Now that's new!
  17. I love broccoli, someone probably just drop their jaw reading this. But there I do, I don't care how much gas it made me produce. Too bad. Haha.
  18. I despise mosquitoes, can't sleep a wink if I found one in my room.
  19. 2nd favorite fruit will be...avocado. (Just nothing else to say..:p, I like cats)
  20. Favorite song, for now, Heaven by O.A.R.
  21. I don't watch movies enough to have a personal favorite. Generally, I like action packed movie.
  22. If I have a superpower, I want to be invincible, but without having to turn green.
  23. I like hiking (psst, I just bought a hiking boots, no more hiking with tennis shoes that pinched my toes and sprain my ankles)
  24. I don't like having my nail painted, can't maintain them.
  25. I like Dairy Queen. Yummylious!

I am done now...so we can enjoy some good music.;-)

Thanks Jac for tagging, passing it on to Val!;-)


  1. so nice to read la.....smiley....


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