eat eat....

Choosing a meal from a menu sometimes a task, it is pretty hard to know if the food you order turn out to be fantastic or hmmm...ok...or even down right..awful!

I am fortunate enough to get the taste of both Eastern and Western food.  I may not be a food expert but I do enjoy a good dinner.  Sometimes being misunderstood as having big appetite just because I don't wish to offend my hostess.   But I can't say better myself, has always been my passion.

It is my way of showing appreciation to the cooks or chef out there who painstakingly took pride over the food they prepare.  Hope you enjoy feasting this album with your eyes.   When your stomach started to growl, it means you have good taste and should treat yourself a good meal today.

Bella Italia, Kota Kinabalu

Gunter's Meal, Kota Kinabalu

Gunter's homemade Ice Cream 1

Gunter's ice cream 2

Sesame Chicken

Bella Italia, Kota Kinabalu 

Room Service at Trader's KL -Chicken wings and 4 cheese pizza

Zoom in on the fried chickens

Nasi Lemak at Trader's KL

Medium rare  steak

Thai food

Coconut Drink


Oh my oh my Pineapple Fried Rice...Loveeeee


Cucur Udang Thailand

Thai meal...

Beef stew with green bean

Mix- Veggie

Two layer Kopi Ping

The 3 Monkeys

Fried Rice with telur mata...hmmm

Fried Ice cream

Black pepper beef

Onion soup

Different version of fried rice

Thai style Satay

Baan Boran Thailand

Cool dinnerware

Fried duck and chicken dish

Vanilla pudding wrap with banana leaves as dessert


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