Accident at Indianapolis highway

The day started a little dreary, I was reluctant to leave home.  It was my birthday week and I have to leave on a business trip to Indiana.  It was nothing unusual at first, my colleague and I  got off the airport, get a rental car and made our way to the parking lot.  The rental car parking lot has strange layout, the numbering was off, there's no map and has poor signage.   After making few wrong turns in the parking lot and still unable to locate our rental car, we finally went and asked the ticket booth staffs.  Which didn't get us anywhere, if not, it got us even more confused and lost and we haven't even get out from the airport yet!  My co-worker ask, "Is our day gonna get worst than this?" Little do we know what the outcome of our day was going to be.

We finally located our rental and it was a big wide bulky car.  A white Chrysler 300. "My gosh, this is a monster car!" My co-worker commented, before we got into the car and tried to maneuver out from the airport compound.     

The second obstacles of the day was having to hook up GPS system,  we were lost!  We were not from Indiana and we got a big awkward  car and the GPS didn't work!  REALLY?

So after a few spins around the airport, we finally stop at the cell-phone area and waited for the GPS signal to appear.   It was about 10 minutes before that happened and we were on our way to the supplier office. 

We were at highway 495 I think, the traffic was moving pretty fast around 70mph.  Then as we were heading   out from the city, the traffic started to slow down.  We slowed down as well but all the sudden, I heard tire screeching from behind.  The sound was so nerve wrecking, until today I can still feel goosebumps thinking about it.  I looked out from my window, I saw a big blue SUV skidded out from the lane turning away from the retaining wall and drove fast towards my side of the car!

I shut my eyes, cowered towards the middle of the car and couldn't utter anything except preparing for the worst.  Our car was pushed off to the middle lane where the traffic still moves at 70mph, we rammed onto another vehicle before my co-worker got control of the wheel and drove to the emergency lane at the far end of the road.  We were pushed about 2 lanes from where we originally were.  When I open my eyes,  I was shaken and my co-worker was swearing, " That bastard just hit us, omg. are you ok? we have to call 911!"  
It took me few second before I answered him, that I was ok, no bruises just a little sore.  I noticed the window was smashed into pieces.  Glasses were everywhere, my door was caved in but luckily, I was alright.

I praise to God, we were both safe from harm.  It was a blessing that we weren't hurt or worst.  Never was I ever been into that situation, facing death in the eye and come out alive.  It made me cherish life even more.  I believe in the power of prayers, to those who pray for my safety and wellness, thank you and may God bless you all always.

The Monster Car

This was my side of the impact

Driver side of our rental

We rammed into this car, see the front was total wreck.


  1. Thats the power of prayer. We never stop to pray for your safety abroad. Take care.

  2. Never doubt it, it is a miracle that I wasn't harm.

  3. you are a walking miracle moi! thank GOD!

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