Sugar Beach Resort

Many Years ago, back in times during World War 1,  sugar used to be highest price commodity then.  There were thieves and robbers just like now.  But instead of smuggling drugs and people, they smuggled sugar.  Sugar was rationed then, so people only have limited sugar for daily used.

The thieves thought this was a golden opportunity to steal and smuggle sugar and sell them back at high price.  So the legend goes that there were two thieves who stolen bags of sugar from the docks, transferred them onto another boat and before they went too far.  Someone noticed the missing bags.  The police came after the thieves along the shoreline of lake Superior, as they drew closer to the thieves.  The thieves quickly dumped those bags of sugar overboard into the lake.  When the cops caught up with them, there were no proof of robberies so they couldn't get prosecute.

A week after the robbery, one of the local was rowing on the shoreline of Lake Superior by Tofte and there and behold he saw bags of sugar still intact in the water as the water were clear as crystal.  That is how the Sugar Beach was named til today.

We have wonderful time at the Sugar Beach Resort, the Resort was owned by generation of the Godins.  There were only few cabins available and I can say the place was so beautiful, just made me missed it when I left. Like home away from home.

Some photos I think you love to see.
View from the Deck

Our rented cabin

Sunrise from the cabin

Firepit on the rocks

Canoe on the lake

View of the lake from our cabin

Morning sunrise

Another beautiful Sunrise

Picnic Area by the cabin

20ft from our cabin

A lone seagull just flew over my head

Living room




  1. beautiful...wish we can go there some day

  2. I want to go back and just stay there always...


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