Farmer's Market

In Malaysia, we have open market called Pasar Malam or Tamu in Sabah. Both types has their similarities and differences.  They are unique to different regions in Malaysia.  I prefer going to these market, knowing that I can strike a good bargain with the local traders and help them keep in business.  When I was in my Uni years, all I think about is saving and thriftiness, spending less, more frugal, tamu and pasar malam can offer me these.  Selling affordable stuffs and still enjoying the local flavors, name it people or food.

When I came here, I missed those feelings of blending into community.  I feel different, it is bad enough that many friends who meant well, trying to struck me up to be friends with other Asian here.  Why? I do not care who my friends are, it never occur to me that I have to be selective and picky on that.  Then, few weeks passed, I was brought to farmers market, what color! what a scene! Here I am half world away seeing my beloved Tamu!  The only differences are having American behind the stalls and of course differences varieties of food and fruits!  It is wonderful to see the unique flavor of food and crafts again.

I took some photos and although there are more amazing things to see, but I hope you can get the glimpse of what the Farmer's Market are like in the States.  


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