Pin Cushion Mountain

The second day of hiking trip was pretty easy one, after getting a grueling exercise on the 1st day of hike, this was considered pretty easy for those beginner hikers who wish to have less challenging hike.  The trail was wide and mostly flat, basically it was a ski trail so you won't have problem going through them, there is no thick bushes or any wild animal along the trail for that matter.  We managed to complete the shorter trail about 4.4 km in 1hr 15 minutes. 

The entire trail is about 25km offering 11 loops with vista of Lake Superior's North Shore, the Devils Track River Valley and woods of birch, aspen and pine.
Map of the Pin Cushion Mountain trail

The view on the top was spectacular, as we went up to the edge of the cliff, a dog ran towards me out of nowhere.  At first I thought some hikers must have lost their dog, but not far from where we stood, 3 other hikers sat enjoying the view, the dog apparently wants us to join them.  Our fellow hikers mentioned about a more picturesque trail on the other side of the loop called Devils Track.  It is somewhat more difficult as they have to go through few peaks and rivers to reach the destination.   With that morsel information, we plan for the next hike on that part of the trail.  It may worth the hike after all!
View of NorthShore Lake

Two sail boat on North Shore

Beautiful view of the lake

The dried grass looks like pin stuck on cushion.
Forest view on the other side of the mountain


  1. The pics u took r beautiful

  2. Thanks. I like the amazing views up on the mountain.


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